T-Rex arrives at Crosslee!

Date: 8th Feb 2016 @ 4:46pm

Tell me your thoughts and facts about our T-Rex day. Did you find out something new? Did it inspire you to write? If you are like me, dinosaurs fascinate me and I love learning about them. I cannot imagine 65 million years ago and how dinosaurs roamed the land instead of humans. Each dinosaur is unique and talented just like we are. My favourite dinosaur is the Ankylosaurus, because of the sheer power it could display on it's defense. I love the tail club and armour over it's body.... I'm sure it could have put any predator off attacking. What do you think? Let me know about your favourite dinosaur.

isabelle wrote:

my favorite is a stegosaurus become i love the spins

Mrs Parker wrote:

The plates are amazing.. did you know they change colour depending on it's mood.

isabelle wrote:

it is just like a chameleon thank you for telling me that

Lilly 3H wrote:

one time the plates turned purple it was buetiful xx

issaelle wrote:


Praecious wrote:

The Assembly was great! The Dino looked so real.BEST ASSEMBLY EVER!! I was so scared.

Bailey wrote:

Yes I have the name is... The idominus rex b

charlie wrote:

:) #so awesome and so wicked I loved it

Leah y3h wrote:

I hope you liked that t-Rex because i did but everyone kept moving back because they were scared but i didn't because i wasn't scared.

ellena wrote:

that dinosaur scared me my favorite is a T-REX

Child 3h wrote:

Well my favorite is a Diplodocus

Bailey Lucas wrote:

Grrr..... That T-Rex is super scary btw Great boys writing group day my dinosaur is a tranosaurus Rex BEWARE Dinosaurs

lauren y4 wrote:

Have you seen jurasic world were they create a new dino

CIARAN wrote:


Lois y4 wrote:

That dinosaur scared me my favriout is a _ t_ Rex



Ocean phythian wrote:

I thought the t-Rex was really scary because it looked very very real.

Ha seen muhammad wrote:

My favourite dinosaur is micro rappter because it does not fly it glides with four wings on it's legs and arms

I really enjoyed the assembly because at first I was scared but then I built up some courage to touch the dinosaur

Mrs Parker wrote:

I need to check this micro-raptor out. I don't know much about it. Thanks Haseeb for your blog!

tommy wrote:

my favourite is the carnotaurus

tommy wrote:

miss parker the ankylosaurus can break a leg of a t rex


its cool


i like it it was great

ayo wrote:

the assemmbly was great and it feelt like a real dinosaur was in front of me

Brandon Moyo wrote:

i loved the assembly i just wish that the kids were quiet by the way my favioute dinosaur would have to be the raptor

charlotte saphier y6R wrote:

the t-rex was founded in the USA in Montanna. the t-rex was around in the cretaceous period near the end of the extinction. my favarate dinosaur is the triceratops because they 3 horns.

Dora Dailva year 6R wrote:

My favorite is a Tyrannosaurus Rex beacuse they are carnivore's and i love carnivore's

Meriane Ariokot y6R wrote:

it was an amazing assembely i really like the ankylosaurus because it it can get anway really fast from dinosaurs bigger than it

callum thorpe y6r wrote:

my faverouite is the Brachiosaurus because it has it has a heavy tail.

Sam Y6 wrote:

My favorite dinosaur is a Velociraptor because of the speed and the agility. Also thanks Miss Parker for arranging a 10 foot T-Rex to come to our school it was great!

tommy wrote:

it is aa 7 foot

Keeley wrote:

It is 10 foot tommy

keeley mack y6R wrote:

My favourote dinosaur is a T-Rex because they are very big and it is a carnivore and i like carnivores , and what i leant is that they can grow up to 40feet.

Matthew Wu Y6R wrote:

My favourite dinosaur is the Anklyosarus because it can break a T-rex leg.I loved the assembly especially the dinosaur (T-rex) but next time can you make it a bit more scary

Mrs Parker wrote:

More scary? Oh my I am not sure it could get scarier! The way the T-Rex moved was so fast and with intent - it really scared me.

jayden wrote:

the dinosaur was great it looked so realistic

my favourite dinosaur is the T-rex

Nisha y6R wrote:

the t-rex looked so real and i was wondering why Mrs Bradburn said you need to stop assembly... but then i knew that miss parker looked sispicous... but i had great time. BOY WRITING GROUP YOUR THE BEST

laiba wrote:

i my favourite dinosaur is the t rex because its have good powers and he is big

Pardees Nazarinia Y6 wrote:

I enjoyed the assembly and I found out lots of new facts. My favourite dinosaur is a T-Rex because its very fierce and big. I love all dinosaurs though!

keeley mack y6R wrote:

The assembly was amazing and my favourate dinosaur is a T-Rex because they are very big and they are carnivores and i like carnivores and i learnt they can grow up to 40feet.

Celestine Lubaki Y6R wrote:

I love dinosaurs even though they would eat you for dinner in real life but the one in the boys writing assembly was awesome. In class we learnt that all dinosaurs are extinct so this one couldn't of been real.I wonder how they made it walk and roar.

Munashe y4 wrote:

I have two favourite dinosaurs Brachiosaurs because it has a long neck and velociraptor because it has speed and the agility


My favourite dinosaur is the t-Rex because it vast and it like a leader.

juliet y4e wrote:

that was ROARSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Mrs Parker wrote:

Haha like that Juliet!

juliet wrote:

thank u Mrs P

jessica mcmanus 2h wrote:

my favrot danosor is a trecs

Ayo O wrote:

my favourite dinosaur is the pterodactyl because it can fly away from danger and bigger dinosaurs

Natasha wrote:

My favourite is a T - Rex because they can run by 20mph

Sofia y6b wrote:

my favourite is the microraptor because it has lots of feathers and it flies.

skye y6b wrote:

looks so real wow.

ellena wrote:

it was amaising.i loved the teeth

Alyssa wrote:

The T-rex was really cool they're my favourite and I love how thay roar. You know the word Tyrannosaurus comes from the Greek words meaning tyrant lizard and rex is king in Latin.

Keeley R wrote:

The assembly was amazing! I learnt new things that I never knew and the T-Rex looked SO REALISTIC!

kadie peers wrote:

my favorite is a triceraseops because i love there little horns

tommy wrote:

its triceratops

Keeley R wrote:

Thanks for the great morning and I loved making the stories in our class ;)

Harvey Yates wrote:

The Pterodactyl is my favorite dinosaur beacause i can imagine flying off into the sunset with it !!!

Naomi wrote:

it really looked like it was real. Felt like the tail could knock me out on the head

jamie ashton robinson wrote:

I thought it was really amazing I like the t-Rex great assembily

Leah Bushell y3 wrote:

did you like it when the dinosaur nearly wacked you on the head but it didn't

Lilly 3H wrote:

Hey , don't you think that dinosaur was scary and I think it nearly hit the roof doors x

lauren y4 wrote:

Don't like the T-REX!!!!!!

Mrs Parker wrote:

You were very brave!

leah y4 wrote:

wow really scary. Was somebody inside it and how did you get it in school mrs parker?

Jeremie basekabio wrote:

Very scary day but that t-rex didn't scare me

lauren y4 wrote:

Lois do you want to see the T-REX again?

masona wrote:


Mrs Parker wrote:

Alyssa that is a fantastic fact..love it! I agree it was scary and amazing to see what a baby T-Rex could look like. Lauren I hope this hasn't put you off dinosaurs, because they really are fascinating.

lauren y4 wrote:

No I still love the stegasouras and terridactle!

taylor wrote:

loved the dinosaur thanks mrs parker

Lilly 3H wrote:

I was so scared of that dinosaur but at least it went home quick . My fave dinosaur is the Diplidocas because it is so tall and looks posh !!!

grace y6r wrote:

I liked the trex

jamie wrote:

miss my i was reallllly scared

holliemay nusry wrote:

my favrt dino sor is a terex

CIARAN wrote:


CIARAN wrote:


CIARAN wrote:


charlie wrote:

So awesome and especially wicked I loved it

Matthew Y4E wrote:

When I first saw it I was scared but I felt brave as other people were stroking it. It was also funny as some Y6 girls screamed!! Ha!

masona wrote:

my faveriot dino is the... dominos-rex

ciaran wrote:


Lilly y4 wrote:

so scary

Lilly y4 wrote:

so scary

Tinashe jr wrote:

My favourite dinosaur is a t-Rex because it would rule the world if it was still alive🤔

leland y4 wrote:

it was amazing ps my favret is the rapter

Steven😜 wrote:

BIG DINSAUR!!!!!!!!!!! How long does it take him to brush his teeth at night?

alexis 3h wrote:

it was scarey when the dansour came in to the hall

Taylor Heslop wrote:

My favourite dinosaur is stegaursarus

Taylor3H wrote:

This was the best day in Crosslee EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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