The Grinch is coming to town.

Date: 26th Nov 2015 @ 9:59am

Hi boys can you begin to spread the word for our writing day! It is on 8th December 2015 and we are rewarding the best writers with presents! Get your thinking caps on.

Tommy wrote:

this is awesome miss Parker, i love boy writing group

To Tommy wrote:

Hey do you like grinch day?

Parker wrote:

Hi Tommy, I am so glad you are part of this group. Looking forward to all the writing the school will do on the Grinch. Have a look for good examples to share with the group. Happy writing!

tommy wrote:

thank you miss parker because ive got an idea for the next one. we could go go kart racing it will be fun for the group

To mrs Parker wrote:

Thank you for helping us doing the grinch assembly

Tobi wrote:

I cant wait to see who wins

Mrs Parker wrote:

I could be you Tobi.. get your writing socks on!

Jacky Lin wrote:

I can`t wait to see who wins Mrs Parker and Tobi

Tobi wrote:

Hello Miss Parker i really love the idea of the grinch its fantastic

navardo reid wrote:

Really cool assembly really want to join boys writing group.

tommy wrote:

yep navardo it is really cool hahaha

navardo wrote:

the Grinch is really cool

Mrs Parker wrote:

Glad you like it Navardo. Maybe you could have a think for our next theme?

navardo wrote:

the Grinch is really cool

tommy wrote:

We need the whole school to be vigilant and think about the Grinch, He is green and messy so everyone prepare to catch him because we are a team

tommy wrote:

We need the whole school to do something about the messy horrible Grinch like do a poster. He is green and ugly. so enjoy the writing but most importantly have fun ENJOY

Alyssa wrote:

THE GRINCH IS COMING TO TOWN! I hope boys writing group has fun when they are together. Have fun!

Tobi wrote:

This is a fabolous idea of the Grinch it shows what Children has been learning over the halve tearm

Natasha wrote:

Hi Miss Parker, I think this is a great idea it will help all the school to improve their writing.

TOMMY wrote:

boys in the school write well and get involved.

ellena wrote:

I like this morning assembly

sofia wrote:

i liked the assembly

Keeley Rigby wrote:

This is cool I love the Grinch and I love writing!!!

Jessica wrote:

Cool I loved making Wanted posters of the Grinch

Chloe Blundell wrote:

I love the Grinch I watch it all the time at home the write will be so fun can't wait

mckensie shaw wrote:

miss parker boys writing group sound lovely and all boy in it looks awesome with there jumpers and I love the Grinch I allways watch it

jamie ashton robinson wrote:

oh I liked your assembly it was anazing

kadie peers wrote:

I like all of the boys writing groups assembely.

Jack 3p wrote:

I know what to do lets get some presents and put it infront of the door then get a digger and make a hole and put leaves over the hole so when he leaves he will fall into the hole andSCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parker wrote:

Thank you to everyone blogging. This is turning out to be a very successful day of writing. Lots of enthusiasm and creativity - I love it. It is great to hear from the girls as well... we will have a think what special group we can put together for you! I am so glad you enjoyed the assembly, the boys are loving presenting to the school. Tommy you are becoming a real ambassador for the group. Navardo keep up with super writing and you could be joining us! Jack... that is a very Grinch-like idea. Keep blogging Crosslee.

tommy wrote:

yes im becoming a ambassador.Ive always wanted to be one

Jemima Y2H wrote:

i loved your assembly can you do more

Deborah 3p wrote:

boys writing group was funny because you been doing alot of funny things and it makes people laugh

lilly wrote:

I loved the Grinch assembally

Mrs Parker wrote:

Thank you Lilly.. keep blogging. Tell me about the Grinch!

Jemima Y2H wrote:

the Grinch assembly was awesome can you do more

Jacky Lin Y3H wrote:

Hello I like the asembely aswell Jemima and Mrs Parker can you ask the Boys Writing Group to do more please please please Mrs Parker I love the asemebely

alexis wrote:

we drore the Grinch and we descrabit it what it like

Noella wrote:

that was nice did you enjoy it because i did

remy 3h wrote:

We done the Grinch and we had to do what we could cheer him up for christmas.

Mrs Parker wrote:

Do you know what would cheer him up?

Jacky Lin wrote:

I know how to cheer him up Miss Parker just get a micone troll and turn off the noise from all the children

lexie mills wrote:

We have written some instructions for cheering the Grinch up for Christmas. You cold give the Grinch a special remote or phone for music he likes. Also You could give him a pillow to put over his head so he can not hear the music.

Mrs Parker wrote:

I like your thinking Lexie... let's see if that will work! Keep me posted.

alexis y3 wrote:

I like the asebley it was amazing

alfie henson and chase wrote:

were writing instructions to make the Grinch really happy and enjoy Christmas

Kyle Speakman wrote:

I like being in boys writing group but I think we should set a trap to capture the Grinch.

Llilly 3H wrote:

In class today we wrote instructions to make the Grinch HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacky Lin wrote:

We have done the Grinch having a sad Christmas because he hates Christmas.

taylor and liam wrote:

were doing instructions so the Grinch will like Christmas.We will use a magic romote and a headphones .

Morgan Equeall wrote:

I have been writing instructions on how to cheer the Grinch up and you could give him some earmuphs to stop him hearing all of the noise for Christmas.

Mrs Parker wrote:

What a cracking idea Morgan. Maybe this will help him like it more :-)

taryn wrote:

we are trying to cheer up the Grinch so he does not hate Christmas we hope he is ok

dante wrote:

I liked the part when you put the Grinch video on the board.

Jemima Y2H wrote:

SO did i i thout you were scared of the grinch ha ha ha ha ha ha write a coment

princess 3p wrote:

Miss parker I loved your boys writting group assembly. Infact I know how to stop the Grinch from steeling christmas put millions of presents around the school and put one on top of the roof then wait till the Grinch takes the present on the roof then get out your rope throw it over the Grinch and drag him in the hole and use a cover to cover him thanks for reading my blog!

lilly Y3H wrote:

Is the Grinch RRRRRRRRRealy coming to school!!!!!!!!

Lilly 3H wrote:

Thanks for replying MISS PARKER!!!!

davina wrote:

good asembly one of the best one's that was to do with boy writing thank you mrs parker

Leah Bushell y3 wrote:

The Grinch doesn't like Christmas because the snow is to wet and children sing every Christmas as loud as they can, so it annoys the Grinch so i think it is best to get some ear phones, so he can listen to some music and not to all of the very loud children outside in the chilly cold weather .

tommy wrote:

miss parker we should go to kart racing for our next theme

tommy wrote:

everybody boy writing group is becoming even more better hurrrrrayyy

tommy wrote:

everybody at home you could also do something about the grinch it will be awesome so please do it because were crosslee YES

tommy wrote:

everybody keep blogging this is great it could make more and more people join so boys write good because we are all waiting for you so why not join.

Noella wrote:

Hi i really enjoyed the Grinch but not as much as i enjoyed the boys writting group

Jemima Y2H wrote:

Hi boys writting group i really love d your assembly i thought it was funny on the video where Joseph ran out of the room screeming. BOYS WRITTING GROUP RULES!!!!!!

Mrs Parker wrote:

Thank you Crosslee. We had a super Grinch day. You have written some amazing pieces, so I shall put some of these on the boys writing page. Take a look.

Leah Bushell y3 wrote:

Thank you for doing the boy's writing group i really liked it because ,it was about the Grinch and i am going to do writing about the Grinch and bring it in tomorrow, so thank you and i want you to have a really really nice Christmas .

Keeley R wrote:

What do you think the next theme should be? I think... Maybe another pajama day. I loved the one we did once. We made tents and had treats in the dark.

Mrs Parker wrote:

I like the idea of a PJ day as well! Let's see what the boys think.

Jack3p wrote:

That's a good idea Keeley.

Jemima Y2H wrote:

I just love your Grinch assembly i wish there was a thing called Girls writting group. I LOVE BOYS WRITTING GROUP.I love you Mrs.Parker

Mrs Parker wrote:

I am currently thinking about what I could do for the girls.. stay posted! Thanks Jemima for your comments.

Jemima Y2H wrote:

mrs parker i am begging you to do some more please please please am realy realy realy exeted to see more


this is so cool

Ayo Olawale wrote:

I like the idea of the Grinch theme as it is almost Christmas and it is a Christmas film.

tommy wrote:

miss parker who won from mr beesleys class which is my class

Harvey wrote:

Hi miss for some reason my comment didn't post, I really enjoy being in boys writing group and its a good way to be inspired to write decent work and to also have a good laugh with you and my boys! shout out to Savy Vincente and Cienna Woods love you guys !!!

tommy wrote:

thats true harvey boys writing group iss truly awsespme and i shout out to harvey savy jeffrey howell and miss parker

dora wrote:

how do you know the winner

Parker wrote:

You can find winners in.. About us.. Boys Writing Group. At the bottom of the page. Good Luck!

laiba wrote:

i cant find the winner

grace wrote:

I didn't watch the assembly but I enjoyed writing a persua

Grace y6r wrote:

I enjoyed writing a persuasive letter to the Grinch it was fun

Munashe 4E wrote:

Hi Mrs Parker I loved the assembly it was very good l wish there was a girls writing group and remember the grinch is coming to town

tommy wrote:

i wanted to be the winner but reece should be it because he is awesome

Hala wrote:

It was a great assembly of the grinch and it was a fantastic day! 😊

Jael wrote:

It is really good and the ideas the boys gave us wS really helpful keep it up boys writing group good job 👏🏾👌🏾👍🏾

Jack 3p wrote:

The best thing about the Grinche's dog is when he barked at the children.Can we still write on this blog it's awesome.

Jacky Lin wrote:

Hello I like the Grinch day Tommy.

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