YEAR 2D - Miss Donnelly 2017 - 2018

Miss Donnelly


Welcome to Year 2D. Autumn 2

Class Teacher – Miss Donnelly

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Keogh

Our class PE days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Please make sure your child has full kit in school on these days.

Reading books should be brought to school every day.

Our topic question this half term is:

Where do fireworks come from?

As geographers we will look at different areas and how they have change d over time due to significant events, We will also explain how an area has been improved or spoilt and give reasons for our thoughts.

As historians we will look at the life of Guy Fawkes and look how time has changed,. We will use the phrases of past, present, then and now to see how time has changed. We will also use books and the internet to find out about our famous persona and answer and create questions. We will use the internet to research the person from the past and use different sources to create all of our evidence.

As scientists we will look at things that are living and dead and discuss the differences, Also, we will be looking at the basic needs of animals and plants and what they need in order to survive . We will look at what a habitat is and why different species have different habitats, we will then create our own habitat along with a food chain for a n animal of choice.

As designers we will design and make a firework looking at modelling and using mock ups for our final design. We will use lever, sliders and axils to make our fireworks.


Reading: We will read fiction books to find out about the famous story of Guy Fawkes.

Writing: We will produce leaflets, stories and profiles to show our understanding of our topic and the famous person we are studying.

S+L: We will listen to interviews of people giving their views about Guy Fawkes and create a set of questions to ask them.


We will use the internet to answer our own questions and queries—we will use the internet to find things out for ourselves.

We will use programmes such as purple mash to present what we have found out in a variety of ways include publisher with options to input pictures.


We will aspire to complete our work to the best of our ability. We will aspire to finish our work to a high standard.

We will aspire to look after plants and animals .

We will aspire to find things out that we didn't know before to broaden our knowledge and use this in our writing and topic work.


We will ensure we are respectful of each others opinions, likes and dislikes.

We will respect the different people have different opinions and feelings.

We will be respectful when we are listening to others talking about their feelings about the dark and animals.

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