YEAR 4A - Miss Allison 2017 - 2018

Miss Allison

Class Teacher – Miss Allison                                Teaching Assistant – Miss Mack


Welcome to Year 4A


This half term we will be asking the question: 'What's Happening Underneath Our Feet'

 As Geographers we will research what natural disasters are and why they happen. We will plot the locations of natural disasters on world maps. We will also study why tectonic plates collide and how this causes disasters. We will explore why more disasters happen on the Ring of Fire and how countries are supported after natural disasters occur. 

As Scientists we will be looking at States of Matter. We will study the properties of and differences between solids, liquids and gases. We will also investigate the water cycle and learn to understand the differences between evaporation and condensation.  We will also investigate which solids have liquid tendencies.

As Artists we will study Andy Goldsworthy, Stephanie Peter and Anja Hemmingsen and we will analyse how they use  the planet to influence their art work. We will then use the artist’s techniques to create pieces of art that reflect aspects of natural disasters.

As Mathematicians we will be using strategies to solve multiplication and division calculations, looking at negative numbers, statistics and time and also revisiting shape.

As learners of English, we will be writing narratives, newspapers and poems.

As skilful people we will research  and ask questions. We will use our knowledge of the geography behind natural disasters to create information sheets.  As skilful learners we will carry out fair tests and use our knowledge to make predictions during science lessons.

As technical people we will use the internet to research the natural disasters that have happened in different countries around the world. We will use digital mapping to plot natural disasters. We will use coding to create a game to test players knowledge of natural disasters.

As learners with high aspirations we will strive to do our best and gain an  understanding of different disasters in different countries. During certain lessons we will work as a team and try to come up with solutions for any problems which we have been given. 

We will respect the opinions of others during all lessons as well as working effectively within a team when necessary. We will respect how people feel and hard times that they have experienced because of natural disasters. 

We will also be answering these questions:


What’s Happening Underneath Our Feet?


1. What are natural disasters?

2. What are tectonic plates?

3. Where have natural disasters occurred around the world?

4. Why do tsunamis happen?

5. How are tornadoes formed?

6. How do natural disasters in Britain compare to the rest of the world?

7. Who supports countries after a natural disaster?


If you feel you could help out with our topic in anyway please see a member of staff from Year 4A.


Please ensure that your child brings their reading book into school everyday.

PE - Tuesday and Friday

Swimming - Wednesday, 

Outdoor Learning - Thursday

Please ensure you have appropriate and suitable clothing and footwear!



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