YEAR 5B - Mr Beesley 2017 - 2018


                                        Welcome to Year 5B

Class Teacher – Mr Beesley         Teaching Assistants – Mrs Young




This half term our topic is.....


The stone age.

and we will be asking the question...

How hard was the stone age?

As Technical people we will use the internet to research aspects of the stone age period and the people of  the time. We will present our learning in a medium of choice e.g. powerpoint/ word. We will also develope our understanding of excel and coding.

As Historians we will find out about life between the stone age and the iron age. We will study their way of  life looking and their achievements and their influence on the mordern world. We will compare different time periods and learn to understand how society has developed to the present day.

As Geographers  we will look at the location of the orgins of the stone age people. 

As Designers we will sketch and create replica tools from the period.

As Readers we will  use our skimming, scanning and comprehension skills to reasearch facts about  stone age life.

As Writers we will write an explanation showing our understanding of the stone age period. 

As Skilfull people we will research and ask questions on different aspects of the stone age period. We will use speaking, listening, enquiring and researching to understand what stone age life was like.

The questions we will be investigating on this topic are;

How long was the stone age?

Are you smarter that a prehistoric man?

Who would live in a house like this?

Was life hard in the stone age?

Could you be a prehistoric artist?

What could you order from a stone age Mac D's?



Please make sure you practice your spelling and times tables as there will be a test every Friday.


Please ensure that your child brings in their reading book everyday and make sure they bring in their PE kit every Monday and  take it home every Friday to be washed.  





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