Boys Writing Group

Each half term the boys meet and discuss issues arising in writing across the school. Key points have been made by the boys to ensure writing improves and they are engaged:

yes Topics should be meaningful and have a purpose.

yes Time needs to be given to boys to find out about a specific subject.

yes Brain breaks are needed during writing.

yes Writing to take place in different environments.

yes Boys are given the choice of what to write.

yes Marking should be sharp and clear picking up positives and next steps.

In Autumn term 2014 the boys group was founded. The first whole school theme was 'Mrs Wadsworth has shrunk the kids.' This was such a success and all children found the day thoroughly enjoyable. All the boys created pieces of writing they were proud of. During this time our group visited the Manchester Squash Centre and watched professionals play against each other. This led to some wonderful pieces of writing and an assembly where they presented their writing. Have a look at some of these pieces below.

Our boys visited Manchester BMX track and had a fabulous time learning new skills. This experience for the boys was amazing and it really motivated them to write. On the coach journey back comments were all about their writing e.g.. "I was thinking about which words would best describe the track as I was cycling around." Parents are to be invited into school to listen to the letters the boys have sent to the Velodrome. Some examples can be seen below.

We had the pleasure in watching the World Taekwondo Grand Prix in Manchester. We met team GB and supported them against teams from around the world. Coaches showed us the basics of Taekwondo and we got to meet many athletes who have inspired us! Keep a look out for our writing in school and our assembly talking about our amazing day. 


Thank you to our wonderful parents and carers for attending our presentations. We always feel very proud to share our writing and experiences with you. 


One of our writing themes was: The Grinch is coming to town! The whole school got involved with this great day of writing. Have a look at our videos from the assembly we did to the whole school.


ROOOARRRRRRR! Our boys organised a T-Rex to visit our school! This was utterly amazing and has inspired us to write. Have a look at some of our photos below:

Great blogging again about dinosaurs and some wonderful pieces of writing, have a look at our display in school....ROOOAARRRRRRsome!

Our boys have continued to impress their teachers with cracking pieces of writing across the curriculum. Many boys are coming to share their writing, wanting to be part of this amazing group.

We have visited Go Air at the Eastlands; from this pupils will create persuasive posters to encourage other children to visit over the holidays.

Our Man Vs Food Day was hilarious! We completed recipes from countries around the world and even completed our own food challenges in assembly - this was very funny....

We have met Ian Thompson the author and illustrator of Drainage the Dragon. He read an extract of his story Drainage at Christmas to the whole school and shared his experience as a young boy writer. We then had time to ask him questions and this was a very inspiring time. He has ten books planned for Drainage and we can't wait to read every one of them!


One of our favourite themes last year was skateboarding. The school had a chance to show of their skills and make new designs for skate parks. 


Thank you to Corey's dad (Mr Mack) for his impressive artwork for our group. We know it took a great deal of your time, but we will keep this for our displays. yes

Take a look at some of the amazing pieces of writing completed. These are on display on our writing board. We have biographies on Tony Hawk, arguments for/against skate parks, board designs and labelling and great graffiti created by year 5! We had time to try a sport that we have not looked at before and we had some pupils who had a real flare for this! We sent our writing to Geoff and his team, who loved the range of ideas that pupils expressed.

Follow the link below to see some work we did with Sport England Squash:




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