Your child may have a school dinner or bring a packed lunch.  If you pay for your child’s dinner, please send the correct money in a sealed envelope marked with your child’s name every Monday or pay at the school office.  A careful record is kept of any money owing if your child is away and of arrears in payments.

All dinners are provided by schools catering team and comply with healthy eating requirements.

Packed lunches should be sent in a clearly named lunchbox and in line with the school’s Healthy Eating Policy, should not contain any sweets, chocolate bars, fizzy or high energy drinks.

If you wish your child to change from a packed lunch to a school dinner or vice versa, we require one week’s notice.


At lunchtime the children are looked after by the Senior Lunchtime Organiser, her staff and Teaching Assistants.  The SLO is responsible for the children’s well being and safety in the dinner hall and playground.  Children are expected to follow the lunchtime rules.  If your child’s behaviour is continually unacceptable and in the view of the Headteacher and SLO, puts other children at risk, you may be asked to make alternative arrangements for your child over the lunchtime period and take him/her home for an agreed period of time.

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