Diversity at Crosslee

Crosslee Primary celebrates diversity and embraces our differences. Our community comes together to reduce hate crime and learn about the different cultures and beliefs which make our community special. On Friday 21st September it was International Peace day. Our pupils, staff and parents supported this and you can see the fun we had learning about people from all over the world. 


We had Peoplescape Theatre in for our Reception and Key Stage 1 pupils. This is a project working with Chester Zoo combining the best of children’s participatory theatre and interactive workshops to help songbirds in the UK and South East Asia. Peoplescape Theatre. The Silent Songbird is a unique interpretation of The Ugly Duckling which celebrates difference and diversity. With live music, puppetry, applied theatre techniques and innovative participation, This fantastic project is all part of Chester Zoo’s campaign Sing for Songbirds. In South East Asia beautiful, remarkable and rare birds are being captured and taken from their forest homes to be sold on markets as part of the illegal wildlife trade. Sing for Songbirds is an educational campaign that aims to raise awareness about this problem in a creative and engaging way and to support young people to get involved.


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